I'm going insane... It would let me do this!

Hi! You can see how this image it’s 570KB (less than 1MB, right?)
So, when I try to uplead it as a large cover it tells me it’s 1,22MB and won’t let me upload it.
I have already created another topic for this issue, I filled out 3 support tickets, tried 100 differents photos the users gave me, talked with a lot of creators… Nothing worked.
It’s for the Queer Contest and if I don’t upload it soon, it won’t be reviewed by then and all my work for the contest will be useless.
Please help…


Have you tried pasting it on top of the default large cover?

Just going to leave this here, if u need it again. :point_down:t3: :point_down:t3: :point_down:t3:

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Also, feel free to use simpleimageresizer.com to resize your covers, if u want to. Its works just fine.

Here, once try this!!

Have you tried uploading this cover on both devices? Phone and computer?

Dosen’t work… It says it’s 1.21MB :pensive:

Yeah, dosen’t work…

The problem is that the image it’s already 500KB (so it should be accepted) but somehow it sees it as 1.22MB

Can you try this once?

Oh,okay!Is it for large cover or small cover?

Doesn’t work…

Large cover

It says 1.21MB :persevere:



restart or refresh whatever device u are using and use the images I send.

Still no :persevere:

I tried already, like a 100 times with 100 different images :persevere: It’s not working

what device/browser are u using?

(I don’t know if you’re asking for this but I’m in Google Chrome)

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