I'm going to cut down on doing requests?

I’m finishing all my requests tomorrow, reason I’m cutting down on doing requests because I get some on insta and here. I don’t want it to be like last time I didn’t do MissStormCreater request on time the time I had it done she was no longer active I felt bad because I took awhile to give hers like two weeks because I was caught up with other requests. After I realized her forum’s was inactive I tried finding her insta I can’t find. Idek I just felt really bad that was the first request I failed on. During the time I was going through stuff at home like college. The requests I’m doing now I’m trying to get those done so it wont happen again. I just don’t want to take on more requests then I can handle I stopped working on my story for a bit because of requests, I haven’t had time to publish and work on it with my betta readers and proofreader.