I'm Going To Embarass Myself Completely

… Get ready for me to absolute humiliate myself but you’ll have to vote if I do it or don’t I will be reading a diary entry of my diary and be doing other stuff…

  • Humiliate Myself
  • Don’t Humiliate Myself

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Your time has come! :smiling_imp:

I’ll be reading an old diary entry when I was six it’s funny.

Get your popcorn your tea your juice whatever,

I have ice cream :joy:

Girl just start it already​:hugs::clap::clap:

Dear Diary,

Today was an awful day! I thought inviting Maddie would be fun but little did I know… We both played with our Barbie dolls. I asked my mum for a cookie and she said “Yes.” So I ran downstairs cheering over a cookie. Maddie stole my doll, she took my Barbie. I ran upstairs and started to cry after I saw her… She gave me her Raquelle doll the doll was muddy and she looked pretty ugly. I ran into the backyard and hit the next door neighbour and they ran after me… That day I never touched a doll again… or invited her around…



Lol :joy::joy::joy:

here’a a entry when I was eight…

Hahahhaha :joy: this is priceless

Dear Diary,

I went to my Auntie’s house today so she could look after me… once my parents left I ran to the bathroom and saw my crush… Davis is so cuteee! I tried kissing him but he turned away so I ended up smacking my face into the wall… then auntie heard my cry she rushed upstairs and saw him… she kicked him out the window and he died from falling from a high building… I’m never kissing a boy again…


It was the saddest day of my life and I cried so when I went home I told my parents what happened and they called the cops on my guilty Auntie.

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Here ya go :champagne:

He died?


Omg :joy::joy: