I'm going to help you

Hi there, I’m glad of being part of a great community. I’m gonna help you in all the issues you are having while you’re writing stories.

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You didn’t say with what… How will people know what to ask? (I don’t need any help though)

How do you make the screen move to the left?

Yeah, basically.

Ooooooh okay. Another problem I’m having RN:

I want a car overlay to enter from left to center. The car also has another person in it. How do you do that? PLEASE HELP

This is the 1st time i check the new forums so little confused and not sure if i’m in the right place… but can u help me? I’m trying to find how to add that background that shows the character viewing a message on the phone but not sure where it is…

It’s an overlay called Selfie

You can find overlays here

And if you search Selfie on the search bar, they come up.

Here’s an example on how to you use them



thanks but I tried that 1… it’s transparent and shows the background…I’m looking for the blank one :confused:

How about this bg

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Yea i think this is the right one… ohh i guess i was using the wrong keyword in search…

Thanks alot :slight_smile:


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I think they already help you but I can help you with whatever you want :slight_smile:

Please send an inbox message to help you

Here’s a guide made by @Dara.Amarie the Great that can help:

I cried when writing a story because it got too real for me because it reminded me of my childhood that was filled with despair inflicted onto me by the parents that birthed me and swore to protect me when they brought me home. Now, I can’t look at a computer screen without thinking of horrors.

How’s your day been going?


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Cried. Still crying. Thinking & crying at the same time.

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: