I'm having a little trouble and could use some help

I’m still a little new to episode, How do I get personal backgrounds or other backgrounds while staying in Episodes guide lines? does anybody know how I can do so? :thinking: :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


They say the requirments lol

You can go to common use websites and get backgrounds like pixabay, unsplash and pexels or you can ask for backgrounds from people on here but credit them.

just as long as your bgs don’t have any real life logos included, you should be fine.
If you find a bg you like by someone on here, don’t forget to credit them!
also copyright free.

it needs to be copyright free.


thank you for the reply it really helped :grin:


Ok, so I’m new to writing & when I clicked “new episode” it automatically took me to episode 2 then when I went to episode 1 it said “episode 1 is for description only” can someone tell me what that means please??