I'm having a problem with layers not working right


Hey, this is my first topic, so I’m sorry if I write something wrong.
Basically, I know that the command for changing the layers that characters “stand” in is
@CHARACTER moves to layer x. But it’s not working, for whatever reason.
I made a scene in school hallway using the script template for crowd - party, where, as you probably know, people in the back are all in spots and in specific layers. In zone 1, I had two characters enter from left, have a conversation, (they are all in front of everyone) then 1 character enter from right, (also in front of everyone, but everyone from the CROWD) again, normal conversation, then I wanted the 3rd character (the one that entered from right. I think I should also note that the character was a background character at the start of the scene, but I changed her @, layer into 5 and I made her just stand there, (@MADELINE stands in not be in spot) to perform the ‘idle_read_phone_neutral’ animation, but my problem is that even though her layer is 5 and the rest of characters are in lower layers (0-2), her hand is behind the 2nd character in the conversation (He’s standing in screen center). I really want people to see her holding the phone, but the layers are not working. I even changed the 2nd ch. layer to -5 and hers to 10 and still not working! Please, somebody help!



Quick question, have you tested it on your mobile?


Not yet. I’ll try in a second and let you know if it still is an issue


Ok, it’s just because the web previewer isn’t the best thing to go off of. Mobile is more accurate


Thank you. I know…


Hi, I checked on the phone, still not working…


Hey! @Marlie I’m not sure if this problem has been solved, but I’m getting the same problem. Whenever I use basic spot placements like “screen center, screen left, screen right”, it’s like the layers are fixed and unchangeable.