I'm having an issue with overlays



I need help putting 2 people behind an overlay because it’s only letting me put one behind it. It’s the classroom desk overlay.


Put the overlay in layers as
@Overlay moves to layer 2
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1
&CHARACTER 2 moves to layer 0


Thank you!


Here is an example just in case.

You’re Welcome. :blush:


ok so uhm im still having a problem. I’m not really sure how to explain it but one of my characters are just not getting behind the desk overlay. (YOU). -the one in the red tank. Do you think you can do a template for me? im trying to have her walk in and sit down. Im pretty sure im doing the layering and everything else right.


can you post your script?


ok i posted it i forgot to attatch it


okay so i actually used this scene and spotted with 2 people. i’m going to post it so you can see what i did. what i noticed in the difference is that you added the overlay. i spot directed them to where they needed to go without changing layers or anything. maybe try taking off the ‘with desk class’ and see if it works. i’m not amazing at fixing but we have the same scene so it should work. heres my script.



@CADENCE walks to spot 1.448 62 -5 AND TRAVIS enters from right to spot 1.419 280 37
@CADENCE walks to spot 1.581 56 -181 THEN CADENCE is idle_sad_serious_loop
&TRAVIS walks to spot 1.581 267 -148 THEN TRAVIS is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

here’s my code if you wanna copy it. i dont make my characters actually sit though, i just lower them down with spot directing because there are more animations than when they’re actually sitting but try this.


thank you so much!


yw! :slight_smile: