I'm having another coding problem/question

The code I’m talking about is below.


INT. BAR - DAY with BAR OVERLAY at layer 2 with EFFECT COLORED SPOTLIGHTS at layer 4
@zoom reset
@overlay EFFECT COLORED SPOTLIGHTS shifts to -2411 -416
@overlay EFFECT COLORED SPOTLIGHTS scales to 2.856 2.856
@overlay 4665951880216576_BAR OVERLAY shifts to -423 -15
@overlay 4665951880216576_BAR OVERLAY scales to 3.050 3.050
@ERIN changes into Erin mad
@add Red Cup to ERIN
@ERIN moves to layer 1
@ERIN stands screen center AND ERIN faces left AND ERIN is drink
@ERIN is drink
@ERIN is drink
@ERIN moves to layer 3
@BARTENDER enters from right to screen left

I’m trying to get the bartender to enter the scene, and be, BEHIND the bar overlay (> BAR OVERLAY, it’s up there with the background) Well when he walks in, he’s behind the overlay. But, when he stops to where I need him to be, he ends up in front of the overlay. I need help. How do I get him behind the overlay?
BTW the girl is supposed to be in front of the bar overlay

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Have you tried changing the bar overlay into a different layer, maybe that’s the issue?

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Wait, you don’t need to use the numbers. Just get rid of them. The "@overlay 4665951880216576_BAR OVERLAY " Just put the name, numbers aren’t needed.

aw, man is stupid. Thanks, it worked :blush: I chnges the layer of the overlay to 3.

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I really thought I tried everything. I guess not. Thanks a lot : )

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No problem! By the way, you posted this in the incorrect caterogy. It should be “Creator’s Corner, Directing Help & Tips.” :wink:

Oh oops. I’ll change that : )

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