I'm having background issues :/


note: this isn’t my background and i do not know who made it so if you know who did please tell me so i can give them credit.

anyway, i’m writing episode three of my story and it says my background hasn’t been approved but when i look at my backgrounds, it says it has?

if there’s something i’m doing wrong or i made a stupid mistake, please tell me. i really need help ahhh


try refreshing the page?


i did try that, i even restarted my device but it doesn’t seem to be working.


I would try publishing your story. It might let you publish because the error might just be a glitch.

If that doesn’t work, submit a ticket.


alright, thank you :heart:




I’m not completely sure… But I think @shellyg made the background!
Hope this helped!


thank you lots !!!


Try clicking on saved


i figured it out, thanks !


It’s actually not my background. I remember seeing this on the old version of the Episode forums, but can’t remember who made it :sweat:


oh okay, thank you !


How long does it take for a background to be approved??
I’ve waited for at least two days and I need it now


That’s not that bad. Now it usually takes a few days up to a week.


i’ve waited a month before.