I'm having some trouble and I could use so assistance

Okay, so for the story I’m writing the reader is allowed to customize the character. But in the script the only character that are supose to change are the Main character, the sister and the mom. For some strange reason I cannot get the dad to look like his default character. His skin tone and hair have changed but nowhere in my script did I code for him to change it. I’m quite confused, so any help would be greatfully appreciated.

:thinking: The dad’s skin changes when you cc the MC (who I presume is female), the sister, and the mom?

If you currently don’t and never did have anything in your script to change the dad, he must be inside someone’s CC template.

If you search for the dad’s script name, you might find him inside someone’s CC template.

If you previously had an option to change the dad’s skin and hair, the app doesn’t clear CC from previous playthroughs, it’s probably left over from before you deleted the lines that change the dad’s appearance.

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If this is the case do you think it will effect the story when I publish it? Because this is the only thing that seems to not be working

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:woman_shrugging: If it’s a sneaky line in someone’s CC template, the readers will see it. If it’s just your app not refreshing from a previous change, the readers won’t see it.

I’d look for any times that “@DAD changes” appears in the script and see if there’s actually code that’s changing him. If not, your readers will see the character you originally made.

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Already done, I’m going to run it now to see if anything changes.

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