I'm having some trouble my overlay has been approved buts its not accepting the coding I have reloaded cleared my browser history and it still doesn't show what can I do?

Have u tried
-refreshing ur portal
-make sure your spelling it correctly

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Refreshing your page should have done it. Maybe try re-uploading the file without using a period in the overlay name?

@overlay DESK.PNG create
@overlay DESK.PNG opacity 100%

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I could be totally wrong, but I find that sometimes the error is something else like the other warning about the label

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@Marysol.Episode is correct. Usually whenever you get the error saying a background or overlay doesn’t exist (when the overlay is added along with the background name) then the error is on the next line. And in your case, you have an “is” in your spot command that should not be there on line 5602.