I'm having trouble making outfits

About 90% of the time I get this message, I was having this issue with my old laptop I was having a lot of issues with it so I thought it was just the laptop causing it, Since I got a better one I’m still getting this message and because of it I’ve been struggling to make more clothes for my characters.

Is this a bug?

what do you name the clothes. maybe its that. but i have no idea . maybe you should sub a ticket

also why did you blur it our. its not like anyone care about the name of the clothes

“Page Unresponsive” always comes up, so, yeah don’t think it’s to do with what I’ve named the outfits.

I’m a little self-conscious about what I named the outfits :sweat:

This keeps on happening to me. I think it might be a problem on your end though :thinking:
It’s possible that this is happening because you have bad internet connection, though I’m not sure.

I guess it could be a bad internet connection :thinking: I submitted a ticket anyway just in case.

@Jeremy @sydney_h solved - can you please close this thread?

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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