I'm having trouble with changing outfits (HELP)

I give people choices but then i change into something else and after that i want it to change again on the outfit the person chose (Help)?

Could you explain a little further?

I let people change into an outfit (there was 2 outfits) and then i changed the character into a swimsuit, i don’t know how to change back at the outfit the person chose?

SO it isn’t changing into what you want or you can’t make it so they are able to pick the other outfit if they don’t like it?

You would need to add gains to the outfit choice in order to remember what the reader chose, then use if/elif/else to have them change back into the chosen outfit. You can learn how to do that here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

I tried doing the gains but it came as en error

How are you writing it in your script?

choice (Black and Beige)
“Black and Beige” {
@MADISON changes into Black and Beige
} “Blue and Black” {
@MADISON changes into Blue and Black

After a couple of scenes

@MADISON changes into Swimteam1

After that i put this to change back to the outfit the person chose, i dont know if it’s right…

if (Blue and Black) {
@MADISON changes into Blue and Black

} elif (Black and Beige) {
@MADISON changes into Black and Beige
else {


You didn’t add gains to the choice.

What shall i write pls?

Read through the guide I posted above. Everything you need to know how to do that is in that guide. It explains everything.

Alright, thanks :slight_smile: