I'm having trouble with choices

Okay so, I’m having trouble with remembering choices. In my episode that I’m trying to create, there’s a choice where one of the character chooses to follow her friends or some other girls (which I have successfully done and I only want 2 choices) BUT I’m having trouble remembering the choice where when she comes back where she started and in one snippet she says I followed my friends and in another i followed the girls.
Is there a way for me remember the choice which she followed and comes back from that choice?
I know you need to do the if/elif/else but that’s driving me crazy AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT!!
Thank you :frowning:

Check out this:

What does your choice options say? I could help you out there :slight_smile:

I’ll have to log back into my computer to get the script and is it also possible to continue on after the choice?

Did you go to navigation to enable picker? that’s what helps you remember choices.

Of course! And yes, the story does continue even after the choices are selected :slight_smile:

Omg I just looked and it was switched off but idk If thats gunna help I’ll try and see if that helps!

I turned it on and this is what it looks like …

That’s wrong, I believe :smile:

Hahahahaha omg :joy: how do I fix this​:sob:

You only have 2 choices, right?

Yes and I only want 2 choices

choice (FOLLOW)
“Go to the girls bathroom”{

The scene for going to the girls bathroom here.

}”Follow Leah and Jacob”{

The scene for following Leah and Jacob here.


So, later on in script:

if (FOLLOW is “Go to the girls bathroom”) {

Scene for going to the girls bathroom here.

} else {

Scene for following Leah and Jacob here.


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This is from the 4th episode (and its like a brand new one)
but i wanna continue from the 3rd one

Your if and elif are not right : )

i was trying to figure it out before i actually saved it fully

Go back to episode 3 where the choice was made :slight_smile: and fix that so it will be remembered :slight_smile:

can i show you how i did it so you could help me out? because this is the most confusing thing ive ever done in my life since high school lol

Of course!