I'm in a bit of a panic LOL

Hi to anyone who reads this.

I’m having a little bit of a crisis and I am so upset lmao. I was looking on the episode search bar in community romance stories and I see a story that has the same title as my story I’m about to publish and it just started too. I’m so mad because I thought nobody would ever come up with that name and that I was so unique but NO :sneezing_face: I’m butthurt asf i kid you not. I was so proud of the title but whatever.


This happened to me too. I ended up publishing the story with that title anyway. It definitely was a bummer but it doesn’t matter so much to me now. You could maybe change the title in a small way if you want to.


Don’t worry about it, after all it’s just a title. If the plot / storyline is different than the one you saw on the app then just publish your story. Sometimes most stories have the same title name but as I said the plot and storyline are different. Besides you can still be proud of the title despite someone has the same, just think of that your story also as a meaning to it like the other author.:wink:


Thanks @FeeneyK0405 for quoting her flagged comment. :slightly_smiling_face: So at least I know where this thread goes about.

@Hazelrod: You don’t need to panic about that. As long as your description, cover and storyline are different than the description, cover and storyline of other story it won’t be against the guidelines. You really need to worry if everything should be the same, then there is something wrong.

(This comment doesn’t only count for @Hazelrod, but also for other fellow authors: :slightly_smiling_face:) If the other story is published later than you and has the same cover, same storyline and same description, immediately contact the Episode Team, because in that case you’re hacked.

For other advice about writing on Episode you can contact me at PM over here or if you have instagram at DM @angelwings_1983.

Love A-W


I wouldn’t worry… There are many stories on the app with same title.

Jobless people going around flagging posts for absolutely no reason.


For real though, it’s really annoying.

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Don’t worry about it unless it’s something a lot more original or specific to the story like a character’s name or something. Also, titles are generally too short to be copyrighted as well.


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