Im in desperate need of a app to cut out my own overlays!

Okay So I Make My Own Overlays Some Times and I’m Great at coding I watched every single tutorial and dara All her tutorials but ONE THING I CAN’T DO IS CUT OUT MY OWN OVERLAYS/ I don’t Have Gimp, I Don’t Have Photoshop, I need a app that easy to use for me to cut out overlays! I HAVE A COMPUTER BTW! IM JUST BROKE!


I use magic eraser!


I just downloaded a free app on my phone called pixelcut, I don’t have a problem transferring images back and forth from my phone to a computer, or vice versa, if you don’t I would definitely try that.

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You can go to it’s really helpful. I always use it to cut my overlays


Gimp is a free computer editing app though,


you should make overlays on your phone. use ibispaint x it works wonders!

Gimp is free program.
So that you dont have it means you dont want to use it?

I Dont have A Macbook Or windows Well Kinda windows But doesnt work with Gimp

I feel you about being broke :weary: :weary: here is what I use for my overlays

THANK YOU GIRL SAME I UNDERSTAND LOL And thanks can i see some of the overlays u did or have in your story Bc Chile In My story it’s Advanced coding and directing AND IT SO HARD BUT SO EASY!

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Yes of course here are some example of what it could do :relaxed:



Wow Okay Miss Gurl, I Just finished episode one of my story And ADVANCED CODING AND DIRECTING IS SO HARD :frowning:

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So true I be stressing sometimes lmao :weary: :joy:


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