I'm in desperate need of a overlay of boxes

anyone know good overlays

And thank you @lanafrazer_episode for helping me (i didn’t know how to start a topic)

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I got these off google :joy:


@MariaMcc np hun :wink:

I hope you got these from a public domain website.

just wondering if the background’s is are transparent

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Do not get images off from google, those images are copyrighted. Make sure you get backgrounds and overlays from public domain websites.


kk thank you

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np, do u still need boxes?

i think im good do you know how to delete an old story

you cant delete a story. Episode hasnt put up a delete button, but i wish they would.

on my laptop you can but it wont let me delete this pasifice one

you can only delete a story if you have NOT saved it, but if you did saved it then you cant delete it.

if u on mobile, i am not sure if u can delete it.

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