I'm in need of a background!

Hey! I’m looking for a background that I can use to write a note on. I want to make the note say

"Dear Lynn,
If you are reading this, then that means that you have gained your powers and that your father and I have passed. An evil witch by the name of Lucinda threatens the well being of this kingdom and you need to save it. You are the true heir to the throne, and you need to take her down. You are the strongest witch to walk the Earth, and there I have a friend who can help you with your powers just west of the kingdom, his name is Alvara. Find him, he can teach you. We love you

With love,
The Queen and King"

Preferably in cursive and if you can’t write the note on then that’s fine. I’m thinking of the paper to be an old piece of parchment if possible. Thank you! :kiss:

Do you want it to have a hand? As if someone is holding it? And do you want it to llok like it’s on paper?

No, it doesn’t need the hand. And yes I would like it to be on a piece of paper.

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