I'm in need of a cover!

Hello, I’m in need of a cover artist for my story, Fairy Trouble. My story right now is about to be published, but I just need a cover.
Keep in mind: I have the right to decline or not accept covers.
Please respond if you would like to do this!
Genre: Fantasy
What I would like on the cover: the words Fairy Trouble, my author name, TTrain, and whatever else you want: let your imagination run wild!
Story Summary: You are living a regular life, when you are sucked into a Fairy world. escape from the Dark Fairy and save the fairy queen: magic awaits you.
Thank you!


I would love to!

INK or LL?

You can use these if you want. If you don’t, I don’t mind

76D16C9A-8244-4A99-BC67-BD7326267FDE B7FF609C-BC3C-491E-97D3-154140F9C666 D1AEB2B0-A59E-4721-A8B5-D0B3CD67BEF4

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sure! can you send me some examples of your work?

ahhhh! so pretty! I’ll use them if the other covers don’t work out :slight_smile:

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this is the dark fairy

this is the fairy queen

you can add it to the cover if you’d like
a magical whimsical theme would be cool!

hi @Brayden
is it ok if i ask somebody else if you don’t reply in 24 hours?

24 m :slight_smile:

Nah i’ll do it :slight_smile: It should be done by tonight. I have a mild concussion, so i may be a bit slower

do you know when you’ll be done?

ok @Brayden i’m really sorry, but it’s been days since i’ve asked for a cover: and you said it would be done in 24 hours, so i’m going to go ask another person.thank you for your time~
sorry: i just REALLY need the cover soon

Alright, i’m sorry :frowning:

wait- hold up- you can do it if you want, but just keep in mind of like how long it takes
do you know how long? you can do it

i’ll give you one week and that’s it :slight_smile:

Hey if you still need one I’m free to help you out.

okay! I swear i’ll work on it now :slight_smile:

I need your characters details :wink: