I'm in need of a title! HELP! (Chosen)


Hi everyone, I’m in need of a short, powerful title.

I’m not revealing too much because you never know what will happen, :confused:

Basically, my upcoming contest story will be about a girl (named Opal) who loves reading and gets trapped in a book she’s reading. She ends up at Aura Island and meets all sorts of mythical creatures.

Anyone possibly have a good title?

Anyway, thanks!

Anisha Xx


Isle of Adventure?
Isle of Fantasy?


Sorry I don’t have a title (I’m rubbish at that) but even from that short story description, your story sounds really cool!! :slight_smile:


Thank you!



bumping +++


Opal’s World

Travelling to Aura

The mystery of the Aura Island


Fantastical : Mystic Island of Aura


Sounds like a great entry for the contest :wink:

Maybe just something as simple as Trapped


Tales of Opal
Stuck in Aura
Lmao Idk


Isle of Aura?

Isle means island.





What I do when I’m stuck & can’t come up with a name,
I think “whats one word I’d use to describe this story?”
I think Aura Island sounds cool though
Or, it could be the title of whatever the name is of the book shes reading
Hope this helps!


Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

I decided to go with Opal’s World :wink:

All of your suggestions were amazing! :sparkling_heart:

Anisha Xx


Thank you very much!

Anisha Xx


The magical Aura Book
Aura Book
Sent to Aura/Sent to Aura Island
Opal Book to Aura

LOL i just now edited the post to say Opals world good choice


locked in a fantacy? sorry im not really great with titles :smile:


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