I'm in Need of Art Scenes

Hey! I was hoping to have a few art scenes in my new story and was wondering if anyone wanted to give it a try. If so I’d love to see your art if you have some to show! I’m planning two seasons for the series and was thinking of doing maybe 3 art scenes for each season. It’d mean a ton if someone could help me out!


Those art shops have a few talented artists:

Art & Edit Shop :art: :sparkles:
:art: Shades Art Shop :art: (FREE) {Open}
:honey_pot: Honeybee’s art shop :honey_pot:

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@Lady_Cannella could help you! She’s a talented artist!


@Lady_Cannella can do it, she is talented :hugs:


@Grottino @HopeFrvr Grazie mille :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey dear :hugs: I can do it for you :wink:
My commissions are currently open and if you’d like we could start a collaboration (discounts and even gifts , since you’ll commission more than once)

My examples:

Couple's sketches


Hey I also have commisions (cheap) open I do realistic art if your interested I can send examples!

I do commissions if your interested. The prices will be between $5 to $10 if your want I can send you some examples?

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