I'm in need of as many as I can get

I need student characters Please and thank you.

Sure, I’ll help you out. You just need my character deets?

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So I should have worded better I need characters for background students in my story sorry.

You mean you want someone to create some for you?

Yes like how people ask for bg characters and people give them characters to use

It’s easy for you to create character let me tell you how

Just add random name in your script like

@NOAH spot ****
@BOY spot ***
@BOY1 spot ***

Episode will make them accordingly and you can also change their appearance after if you want

Hope you getting what I’m trying to say :yum: if not then ask me again I be happy to help you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Oh I didn’t know this thank you

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No problem :yum:

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