I'm in need of feedback for my characters' designs

Hiya! So, I’m starting a new story, and wanted to give my characters more…unique looks, so I’d love it if you could give me feedback on whether the designs are good enough and if they correlate with the information about the characters. Feel free to suggest certain features, too!


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She’s the main character, and for a reason pertaining to the story’s plot, her name can’t be changed. But you can customize her, though. Nala’s 17 years old. Her personality is somewhat rebellious but she is very socially anxious. The reader will hopefully be able to choose her sexuality.


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Isla is Nala’s best friend and, should the reader choose, her love interest. Isla is 18 years old, and she is cunning, sassy, but also very caring, and would fight for her friends. Isla is of Indian descent. Her family moved from Kolkata to London when she was nine.


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Cairo is mainly a friend of Isla’s, but is also considered to be a good friend by Nala, and is a potential love interest. He is 17 years old, intelligent, street-smart and techno-savvy. Cairo is English. He is a regular member of the fight club close to the school.


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Sofia is Marco’s older twin sister, and one of Nala’s best friends/potential love interest. She’s 18 years old. Her favorite pastime is watching dramatic K-dramas and her favorite trope is easily enemies-to-lovers. She’s bubbly, a tad bit blunt and super artistic.


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Marco is Sofia’s twin brother, and is one of Nala’s friends/potential love interest. He is 18 years old, and loves reading novels in his free time. Due to all his reading, he is an honors student, and can be considered the brains behind the whole group. He is also a pro at hacking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Sofia and Marco are Mexican.

Thanks! :dizzy:

by caucasian I assume you mean the actual caucasian , and not European, white, as the word often is been misused as

Isla and Sofia, has the same nose, Marco and Cairo has the same eyebrows, I would recommend not re-using features in the main cast, unleash family.

els your characters look good, unquie, no face same syndrome. I am no expert on any of the echnisities, so I cant really speak on that. but for looks, no same face syndrome. and no one look ugly, they look good actually

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Thanks for the advice! Let me actually change it to European so it’s clear.

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okay, he looks more caucasian, then white, in my opinion.

do you have any country idea, also may I recommend if he is gonna be white, go for another eye and hair color,

except Nala, they all have black hair and brown eyes.

I would say your character, look Caucasian, as in the actual kind,

you can read a bit about them here.and if you wanna know why white people are being called caucasian despite not being, it involve a crazy man who was in love with a skull he later found out was a caucasian woman, so he spread that caucasian where white,
Caucasian peoples | History, Countries, & Facts | Britannica

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Thanks for the info. I took your advice and changed his hair and eye colours, so does this look better? Plus, he was born in England, so he’s English.


Screenshot (16)

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personally not a fan of the hair colour, but nothing is wrong with it.

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