I'm in need of help for my story

Hi everyone, I am in need of help for my story Fire Away, could anyone help me edit it, please?

Hi every one I really need help by any chance do you do art covers or know someone who does it please

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I do art commisions (paid art) if your interested

How much do you need?

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Depends what sort of thing your looking for I have a rough price list and examples over on my insta @zoe.x_art

BTW sorry for the late reply I didn’t see your message till now :woman_facepalming:

Hey what type of story is it? Is it Ink or Limelight and what genre is it?

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@Teeg_22 Hi, It’s Ink and the genre is drama

i just joined this in hopes to find an episode story i’ve been DYING to find. if anyone could help me, i would reallly appreciate it!
i forgot the book title and author, i just joined episode community recently again, BUT it was about a girl who never was able to go to public school because her parents were overprotective and i think?? she was rich?? but eventually her dad gives her permission to go. the guy was part of this “gang” thing and they were planning to kidnap the girl to get money off from the dad or something? but basically the guy acts like he goes to the school with the girl and they become close and that’s all i really know. the guy looks a lot like christopher from the shaw brothers! please can someone help me find this story asap