I'm in need of some opinions

So I’ve run into this problem where it’s hard to give all of my characters a different outfit everyday. The first couple chapters of my story include scenes from each day of the week, and the six main characters are shown at least once in that day. I’m using Limelight which doesn’t have nearly as much clothing options as Ink, so it’s hard to give everyone a new outfit everyday without reusing the same clothing pieces. Right now I just have my main character changing her outfit everyday, and all the other characters keeping the same outfit, but I don’t know if I like that. So please let me know what you think.

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If the mc changes clothes a lot I think it’s fine… maybe just her love interest too

Kinda what I was thinking, thanks

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No problem…

Just a suggestion you could have the reader choose the main character’s outfits, but you only give them a few options. :thinking::smile:


I feel your pain!

I love to see all characters change outfits each “day”. I think it’s just something that shows the author paid attention to every detail. But with LL… If you change outfits “everyday” in LL for every character, you only have like, what? 2 weeks worth of wardrobe? So annoying!

Yeah, I can’t wait till we can get more clothes in Limelight!


This sounds like a struggle, especially with LL! One option is to give each character a sort of “wardrobe” so assign each one like a few clothing items that they mix and match. OR give each character like 3 outfits that they repeat. Don’t know if that’s more effort than it’s worth :woman_shrugging:t4: Tbh I also think it’s fine if only the main character changes and maybe the others just for like special occasions.

Another thing is characters could have like a “signature jacket” or something… & who doesn’t wear the same jeans all the time anyway?? Which would explain why they’re always wearing the same outfit.

Just some suggestions :woman_shrugging:t4: But I wouldn’t worry! Everyone will understand that it’s difficult to do, especially with limited clothing in LL.

Yeah that’s a good idea

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