I'm in need of story ideas

Please help me find some story ideas, I’m new.

You could do a story about a shut off girl who’s a total baddie that suffered a great lost of her adoptive mom, who meets this boy/girl and he/she trys to change her then at the end I would let the readers decide to either to stay forever shut off and keep trying to find the killer or open up and stop looking

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sorry if its confusing

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Make a story about a girl which has some special abilities and can she things that other people can’t. She can see souls and that happend when she lost someone special on a car accident. She finds a ghost boy and it turns out that the “car accident " was a plan. The girl needs to decide which path she’ll take to find the killer but instead she falls in love the ghost. At the end she needs to decide if she’s gonna go with the ghost and live as a soul or if she’ll stay at the earth and live her normal life but being in danger cause the killer might be there. The story can be named : " Soul I stay or soul I go” .(lol I just came up with it)


maybe write a story using the pov of a male?


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