I'm just wondering


Is anyone else nervous to share their writing with friends and family?
I can easily write a story and share it online but as soon as someone in my personal life gets interested I change the subject.
Maybe it’s just my insecurities. Me thinking I’m not good enough as a writer.
Is it just me. Or do y’all have this problem to?


I’m like that too. My friends don’t know I write at all, and my family knows I write, but only my sister has read any of my writing.

For me, I think it is just a self-conscious thing of not wanting to be thought of differently by anyone I know in real life. Whereas internet people don’t know anything about you, so they only know you based on your writing.


Never think you are not good enough. :slight_smile:
Use them to get honest feedback and use it for yourself and your story. :slight_smile:


I don’t like sharing my writing with my real life friends. Just cause my writing is a bit out of character for my real life personality. Only my sister and my irl best friend have read it. I just think it’ll be awkward with my parents since they pretty much have no sense of humor.


No one even knows that i play episode except people that play episode too.


I think everyone is reluctant to show their writings to others, even published authors have preferred to keep their works private sometimes. It’s perfectly normal to not want someone to read what you write because writing bares your soul, and it’s hard to show yourself like that to someone else.
However, it’s good to show people what you write, that way you can improve. My advice would be to get someone you really trust and start showing them your works, then you can begin sharing it with more people.


yes. I honestly never come on forums but my sis convinced me to so I’m trying it out. I write stories on the phone and I would HATE to show them bc I’m scared they’ll make fun of me.


Well, the forums are the perfect place to gain confidence in your writing


thanks. My sis is pretty talented. But my stepmom won’t get her a computer so she uses mine and I always see it and I feel so embarrased that I write on the mobile.


You don’t have to be, we all write in different ways, and if you don’t like the one you have now you can begin changing it little by little.


alright. Thank you for encouraging me. :slight_smile:


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE You’re welcome ^-^


I’m kinda like that too, I don’t like to share my writing work with irl people.


I have the same problem.
I’m almost willing to have people I don’t know read my work rather than my friends and family.
My main insecurity is that I have written something terrible and my friends and family are too nice to tell me that it is atrocious.
That being said, I’m still at a point where I’m nervous to share any of my writing with anyone.

I think the main thing to remember is that writing is subjective. Everybody will have a different opinion on whether they like or dislike something. That doesn’t mean you aren’t good, it just means that it may not be to somebody’s taste. Everything that you write is just helping to further develop your skills.


I wasn’t in the past. In fact, most of my stories that I’d written at middle school were shared to my friends only :sweat_smile:. In that time, I hesitated of put it online tho… Partly bc idk where was the suitable place for me and my stories weren’t good ones…
But now, it is easier for me to put it online rather than show it to my friends. Some people in my place consider this hobby boring and nonsense, so I’m very hesitate of share it to them. Like, I didn’t tell anybody about my ideas and writing on Episode except my boyfriend. Recently I’ve opened about it to one of my friends and received her good reactions. Turns out it is not as bad as I imagined. I might feel a bit more confident about it rn.


I also don’t tell anyone except ny best friend. I feel like i don’t want them to judge me on the basis of what I write. Hell , I don’t want them to know I write at all.


I never really have to share my writing with my family, and it would be kinda awkward if I would…:grimacing:
I would share with my friends if they actually liked Episode.


I do … nobody knows I even use episode


The only people who know I use episode are my mother (because she helps create my covers) and my boyfriend because he has always been very supportive of me.
But other than that it’s just me.
A lot of it I believe stems from when I used to let my friends read my stories and they would always tell me it’s stupid, or pointless. Or they would say they didn’t like it without giving it a chance.
It’s easier to avoid it by just not bringing it up anymore…
But thank you everyone for the responses.
I’m really glad to know I’m not alone in all of this.
xoxo Courtney