I'm kinda annoyed, am I overreacting?

Hey guys! Thanks for clicking here. So, the truth is, I am kinda bothered of what is going on in another thread of mine.

I had this thread, where I asked for people to recommend me stories that fit some requirements, and one of these requirements were for the story to either have a woman loving woman original plot, or for the story not to focus on romance at all.

At first many people rightfully recommended me wlw (= woman loving woman) stories or stories that included female love interests. But after a while people started recommending me romance stories with a straight couple, which I am absolutely fine with. I am homoflexible, I am usually attarcted to girls but on rare occasions to guys. But it really bothered me that some people just used the thread to self promote instead of helping me.
I have no problem with these people, again, only this one thing bothered me.

I don’t know, maybe it is my fault, or maybe I am overreacting. Could you give me some advice or your opinion?


i see this happening in promote your story threads a lot, i wouldn’t be too offended by it. people like to paste their self promo wherever they can, and go.

i recommend you reply to those people who aren’t following the standards you listed and tell them to kindly remove their post as it doesn’t pertain to the topic. also maybe at the very beginning of the thread edit your message to tell people who click on the topic to not just mindlessly post their story without reading through.

i wouldn’t be annoyed by it or let it get to me though, that just means a change needs to occur so people won’t continue to do the wrong thing (:


Thanks! It’s true that at first it did get to me, but after some time I kinda got used to it and let it go. I don’t want to start an argument here since many people don’t always understand others’ intentions, so I am not going to be replying to any more replies. I think editing my topic would be the best option right now. Thanks a lot for expressing your opinion and offering me advice!


If I were to ever ask for recommendations and I had a specific criteria of things I want the story to include, I’d usually say “no self promotion”, for this exact reason. Some people see “looking for stories” and just use it as any excuse to promote their own work. I mean, I respect that they want people to read their story, but it’s way annoying.
You’re not overreacting!


Yeah, unfortunately it happens a lot. I edited my topic but still get self promoting stories that do not fit at all but what can one do? Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion! :black_heart:


Better yet, flag them! Their post doesn’t pertain to what you’re asking for whatsoever and therefor doesn’t have anything to do with the topic and is considered spam. Let them learn a lesson!


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Yea it gets annoying whenever I ask to recommend certain genre or themes in a story but some people wanna post something that’s opposite to that.

I usually just ignore them and read the stories who did actually read the original post.

I used to do Honest Story Reviews and this happened so many times and I got of tired of it. So what I did was I put a password at the end of my post to see who was actually reading :joy::joy:

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Yeah, you’re right! I am just not sure that the moderation would approve the flag. I have really no insight as to how they do it.

I already have a password. What is more ridiculous is that some people used the password yet still promoted randomly their own stories :joy: :sob:

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what? really :joy:

If you check my last post, I asked people to recommend stories with advanced directing. And only at least 2 people (who self promoted) had decent directing.