I'm Leaving Forums Permanently


Bye guys. I’ve had enough everyone hates me I’m deleting my account bye.








Okay, bye! Wish you well


I never knew you…but good luck in the real word :wink:


You are not leaving
Just because other people hate u doesnt mean you should take their hate upon u ok but seriously its your choice to leave and I dont have a say but its your life



  1. Good luck!!

2. Thank you. For getting away. lemme tag my love, @kerubiel


This is too far you shouldn’t leave just because of some hate


Maybe try to sort things out rather than ending your time on the forums


I never really talked to you, but I hope you’re okay and stay safe please. Bye!


I’ve already said my thoughts on this matter to you personally but I guess I’ll reply here too, why not?

For context she caused a bit of drama and then we resolved it all peacefully then she said she was leaving the forums

Again I stand by what I said and I wish you all the best. I hope this break helps you feel better :slight_smile:


How are you so UGH :joy: clever


Bye Nat.


buh byyeee


Bye :joy::joy:


What the f-




You were just chatting a minute ago


She created a new account?