I'm Leaving Forums Temporarily

I’m leaving forums temporarily because of SATS your probs wondering what is a 13 year old doing sats well that’s how my school works… I need time to be studying, I’ll be popping down catching up here and there, and there. But I’m not leaving now, when sats come and that is in May 2019! So we have loads time gurl!

Oh well byeeee

Don’t. Talk. To. Me. If. Your. Going. To. Be. Mean. To. My. Friends.

And stay away from my girlfriend.

I hope its not another of your lies

Don’t talk to me or my fiance every again. I know you threatened to ban her, when your underaged as well.

And she was joking.

I never dis

Please don’t start drama @Epy.raven and @natasha.episodex. People are meant to be saying goodbye and stuff, this isn’t the thread for drama. Take it to a PM if you want, just don’t do it here.


She showed me photo evidence.

I"m gonna say this I only said Oh well byeee but then she started attacking me

Because you attacked me girl.

Yeah, I saw but that’s not the nicest thing to say when somebody is leaving. If you don’t care that they’re leaving, then don’t comment.

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Mhm, that’s exactly why, I found it quite rude.

I’m taking your advice, let’s take this to a PM.

Tbh I dont believe anything she says anymore after what she did to my family

If you wanna talk about it, PM me but don’t start drama on this thread.

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Gurl are u okay?

You hurt my girlfrined okay? You were always acting like lil miss perfect all the time so leave me and my girl alone.

Hi hope you are ok and we can see you soon :hibiscus: