I'm leaving forums

Hello fellow Episodians… as the title says, I’m leaving forums. I have sooo much homework and I honestly can’t find time for forums…

@Days Thank you for being an amazing friend and putting up with my random banter in our PMs.

@Jes.Spencer Thank you for helping me come up with Marooned. I sadly will be putting it on hold for a while…

@Roleplay.lk and @K_mren Thank you for providing me a quality love story in The Hunters RP.


@C_ssie Thanks for making King Salvatar have someone to hate even more than Oasis.

@teamepisode I sadly will be leaving the group.

Thank you to anybody else I didn’t mention for being my friend on the forums

I will be on forums every now and then. For all my RP buddies, somebody can take over Oasis as long as shes sassy and sarcastic as frick.

You can friend me on roblox @heyitslivvy613. Just say something like, Hey it’s ___ from forums!! I’m on PicsArt!! @livvy613

Well…I don’t think I have anything else to say, but bye…


The above goes against the original intent of this topic which pretty much makes this spam. Closing topic. Thanks.