I'm leaving the entire episode community


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It’s so annoying when people say you shouldn’t announce that you’re leaving the forms. I’ve never talked to you before, but it’s nice to somehow know you are leaving. I read your threads a lot :relaxed: anyways byeee

you will prob never read this…oh well…


it’s literally not allowed but ok


I’m friends with @AMagic she got me started on here, my first PM yesterday she said you and her were online besties, it’s sad :sob::cry::dizzy_face::mask: I didn’t get to know you.


Awww I’ll miss you :persevere::heart: take care

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I know that :woman_shrugging:

then why say this? doesn’t make sense. sis :woman_shrugging:t5:


Lmaooooo :joy::joy:

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So why you annoyed at people trying to keep this forums in check? :joy:

Well because I mean maybe some people don’t care who is leaving…but I do. I don’t necessarily think people do it for attention.

I think that for especially @anon89987562 it’s ok for her to announce this because she is such a frequent poster, many people have read some of her threads

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Still not allowed.

I know😂 but do u see where I’m coming from?

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