I'm leaving the entire episode community




It’s so annoying when people say you shouldn’t announce that you’re leaving the forms. I’ve never talked to you before, but it’s nice to somehow know you are leaving. I read your threads a lot :relaxed: anyways byeee

you will prob never read this…oh well…


it’s literally not allowed but ok


I’m friends with @AMagic she got me started on here, my first PM yesterday she said you and her were online besties, it’s sad :sob::cry::dizzy_face::mask: I didn’t get to know you.


Awww I’ll miss you :persevere::heart: take care


I know that :woman_shrugging:


then why say this? doesn’t make sense. sis :woman_shrugging:t5:


Lmaooooo :joy::joy:


So why you annoyed at people trying to keep this forums in check? :joy:


Well because I mean maybe some people don’t care who is leaving…but I do. I don’t necessarily think people do it for attention.


I think that for especially @Lovelyy_Iqraa it’s ok for her to announce this because she is such a frequent poster, many people have read some of her threads


Still not allowed.


This is really sad. I never got to know you, but I’ll miss you.


I know😂 but do u see where I’m coming from?




Awwww :frowning: I’m so late. But bye :wave: