Im leaving the forums after my wedding


hey guys im leaving the forums after my sis wedding and my wedding because people blame me for stuff i didnt do way too much drama and i just cant deal with it if you did do somthing to me to make me leave. you should be ashamed.

and many more


:sob: everyone is leaving the forums


Aww. We will be so sad especially since you are my art partner. I will miss you.


ya there is to much drama and i have a condition for this type of stuff like depression and scuicidal thoughts


and most of the people causing me problems was one person was episode harmony


:neutral_face: bruh what did they say I have my bat


Yes she also would cause me problems


I dont like her uggh so rude and now she is making u leave


blaming me for stuf and reported me for no reason and now im being spammed by the forum


I do too and I know depression can be hard. I hope you get the help you need for it all.


i PMed u @bossyroxy411


but iim not hating so i’l miss yall after my and sofias wedding!


you will be missed my sister…:heart::sob:


thx herman!


im still coming to the wedding tho!




UGHHHHH the forum is still spamming me!!!


i PMed u @bossyroxy411


You can always talk with me if ya want :heart::heart::heart:
I may be able to help you,…:disappointed:


i PMed u @bossyroxy411