Im leaving the forums forever


Im sorry but im leaving the forums sorry
My Fiance dumped me
To much drama
im never on anymore
to complictated

Help me name my characters(vote)*OPEN FOR 6 MORE HOURS*

I’m gonna miss you @bossyroxy411 you are one my forums best friends hopefully you come back​:heart::sob::sob::sob:


I’m so sorry! Don’t worry! You’ll find someone way better!


Sister you are not leaving your family.


You’re right no she can’t please come back soon you deserve better




That son of a bitch dumped you?! :triumph::triumph::triumph:


I do not mean to be rude. But this is supposed to be. For fun a game. Please do not attack one of my closest friends.


First of all

@Drama_Queer dont call my bestfriend a son of a bitch just for dunping her she did it for a reason

  1. They barely talk

  2. She always leave her on seen

So dont attack her and shes going through personal things if yall found out yall woudnt be saying this kinds of shit

Thank you have a nice day


You know what? Who needs a coward like him?? Gurl, you a strong independent woman who need no men! You’r beautiful the way you are, and he is going to soon realise that he mistake.


Ya know I really don’t want to start drama. But I might as well say it.
I broke up with her for a reason
I also said it in the nicest way possible
I broke up with her because

  1. We barely talk like @Epy.raven said
  2. I don’t know her. Don’t think you’d like to marry a stranger.
  3. Would you like me to lead her own and play with feelings? That’s horrible.
    I get that you blame me. But how about before she left, try talking to her so you can convince her to stay or find a way ya’ll can talk other than forums. ( Idk if you already did those things) I get that your mad, but that’s no way to talk to me. I am going through personal stuff like @Epy.raven said. So even if I didn’t break up with her, I wouldn’t even be online. So you can stop with the name calling.
    I’m not going to reply to any comments so if your thinking about commenting know I’m not going answer.
    That’s all
  • L.I.W.F (AKA Jaz)


ya this is supposed to be civil now bye yall!


What will I do without my sister…