I'm leaving the forums ❤


Hey guys. I’m not gonna be on the forums much anymore. I have school coming up and I’m busy with writing my story (not an episode story). My story Girl of Deception will be finished for sure though! I made lots of good friends here and you’ve all been very kind.
Thank you to all :heart:




Yeah… :sob:


You were one of my only friends here :sob:


I’m sure you’ll find more friends :slight_smile:


We don’t really know each other too well, but I’ll miss seeing you around! Have a good school year, and good luck with your stories! :grin::sparkles:


What if I don’t :sneezing_face:


Thank you :heart:


You will.


:frowning: Sigh


Grll, are you leaving forever? :disappointed_relieved:


I’ll come on and off, but I won’t be around as much.


Lol I thought you were gonna leave forever… Lol




Good luck with everything and hope you come back :wink:




Thank you!


Courage avec l’école !
Reviens vite.


Good luck with school and your writing! Take all the time you need to sort out your life, but I hope you’ll come back to the forums again.


Sorry to see you go. :cry: But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time here. :smile: