I'm looking an advanced artist!

I’m looking for someone who is advanced at art work. I need a computer with a website on the screen. On the website there needs to be info and pic of a roller coaster. Also I want to show in the art scene/scenes the characters looking at the website. If you’re interested in try to make this or you know someone who might be able to make it please let me.

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I’m not very advanced but this seems easy I’ll do it :grin:

Ok. Thank you!

Well I can make the computer but I can’t make the characters


Ya know what I’ll try ! If it looks bad then you can always ask someone else :grin:

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That sounds good to me! Thanks!

I didn’t draw the characters well so I deleted it , you may have to find another artist I’m so sorry

There’s a lot of art shops and artists (sorry I have no links) look up Art shop and there’s tons. Hope this helped even a little.

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That’s ok! You tried. It is a complicated art scene.

Hey, do you think you could help me show the roller coaster in a different way? I was thinking I could have a news reporter talk about the roller coaster ( which I could do that part on my own) and I could show a picture of the roller coaster on the TV screen. The picture of the roller coaster could be an art scene. @angelxzriahli

Yeah that’s much easier I’ll make it now

Thanks so much

Here you go! If u want me to add anything to it plz let me know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That looks great! What’s the shadow in front of it?

What do you mean

The black part in the bottom left corner

Doing it now :see_no_evil:

I’m so sorry but I rlly don’t see a shadow :yum: I’ll export it instead of copying it maybe that’ll work?

If you still see a shadow this might make it better…

It’ll look blended in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: