I'm looking for a background artist, clothing designer, and an art scene creator for my story!

I’m looking for a team of three artists who I can count on to design stuff for my story. If you think you can do it just reply!
I’ll start a pm once I have all three :blush:
I can also read your story in return.


Hey! I’m an background creator/artist. I can help you with that!

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Hey… I’ve already hand drawn some backgrounds …and I like drawing them if they are easy for me :joy: but I can always try …but if possible check out my hand drawn backgrounds​:slight_smile:
I have made some hand drawn backgrounds (for free:I will keep updating when i make new ones)I might also take requests

Hi! I can make the outfits :hearts:

Thanks, I’ll make a pm

Hi! I’m could design characters and there outfits. I would be perfect because I actually enjoy it