I'm looking for a betareader/proofreader!

Hi guys!
So at the moment I’m writing for the squad contest, and I was hoping to find someone that could read my episodes before I publish but this for the entire story, not just the first 3 episodes. Because of this I was hoping this person would have a few qualities, such as good enough english to correct mine if necessary. I’d appreciate honesty so If it is bad I’d like you to tell me so I can fix it. And lastly, I was hoping for someone relatively close to my age (20) because I’ll value your opinion and would love to build a bit of a friendship!! I will credit you as betareader :slight_smile:
Love, Esther
(you can PM me here or send me a message on my insta which is also epiestherjolene)

Hey! I could do it however I don’t think you’ll let me as I’m a few years off your age :joy:.

I’m English so I think I could easily correct your grammar if needed.


You could also go to grammarly.com to get it proofread

Yes only for grammar but it’s also for directing and such

hey, i’ll proof yours if you proof mine (I probably have a lot less written rn lol)

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