I'm looking for a coder. Please help!


Hello, I am a new writer looking for a coder!


I would love to code your story, just fill me in with the details. Make sure to message me!


whats a “coder”?


Sorry to intrude but I am assuming the person who would direct the story on the portal?


so the person who does the moving, spotting, zooming, overlays and all that?


I think so


oh sorry for intruding i was just curios :joy:


Haha I was curious too so I am assuming the directing and all that would be sorted out via the coder.


What’s your Instagram account? owo
And sorry for coming out of nowhere. I saw your comments and thought I could ask you for help about the directing.


My insta is andreaonepisode. I just made it (since I prefer to keep my main private) so I don’t have any posts. You can contact me on there!


Feel free to ask me anything about directing!


I’ve sent a pm to your Instagram account.