I'm Looking For a Coder!

I need someone to code and direct my story. I’ve tried to do it myself so many times but it’s too frustrating for me to do, but I still really want to publish my story on Episode. I’d really appreciate it if someone wants to do it for me! I don’t need or want a co-writer as I already have my story and characters all planned out. If theres any overlays or backgrounds that I would like to use, I’ll let you know so you can do it. I have no problem giving you creds and your character can even make an appearance with mine at the end of every episode, or make you a background character. Thank you so much!! (would prefer someone over the age of 15)

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You can PM me if you need any help. I’m not that good at directing but I can try!

I have become quite a specialist on coding and there is actually nothing I don’t know how to do anymore. That includes complicated overlay animations. Feel free to PM me!

Hello I would love to help you write your story and maybe give you ideas as well😊