I'm looking for a good writing partner! (LIMELIGHT)

Hey guys I really would like to start a new story with someone.
I am not a professional lol so it would be better if my writing partner already knows how to put in some new overlays, or backgrounds…etc.
I already have a new idea for a story but I would like to mix it with other ideas.
Like I know how to write a story but I am not so good at adding overlays from the internet or ART designs lol.
I would need someone to help with more ideas, coding and writing too.
Thank youuu lmao


What kind of story is it

Okay so maybe you can be my writing partner

If you need artwork I can do it.

thanks! I’ll message you when I figured out how my characters are going to look like.

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I would love to work with you on this story! Send me your ideas and details so far, and I would love to become your writing planner/character designer, etc. I’m looking for a first project to start on, so just let me know :slight_smile:

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I can be your coder, if you need to add overlays, backgrounds from the internet or from the portal I’ll help you, or if you need help with directing feel free to ask me for help anytime :grin: