I'm looking for a parther

Hi guys! I really need your help since is my 1rst episode story and I don’t know how to manage the commands of the script yet. You see, my story is about a rock band that gets involved in a mystic battle to save the world, and they use their instruments as weapons.

I’m new to this and even tho I’m mostly finish with the 1st chapter, I know that it has directing errors, such as the instruments not being there (they look like they are playing imaginary instruments) and at this point I don’t know what to do or if I should continue with it.

They let me know i can do this with overlays, however i don’t know how to use them. I have the overlays of the bass and the guitar, however I don’t know how can I make my characters to hold them, so I can apply then the airguitar_playing_animation. Also I cannot find a character animation that is playing drums, PLEASE HELP! My whole story depends on it.

I’m willing to share full credits of the creation of the story and whatever help my partner is able to provide.

I have a story out but I have a pain in my arm, but I can help you

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I would recommend watching Jospeh Evans video’s on YouTube when your starting out on Episode. After watching Jopseh Evans video’s a lot you will have the commands and talking animations locked in your mind. Also typing your episode problem to Siri or Goggle should help you get answer. Don’t feel bad if you don’t finish your first story… I have started 8 episode storeies and never finished or published 1 so don’t feel compelled too.

Are you sure? Don’t want to cause any inconvenience.

@lannabanana13 actually, It was thank’s to th Joseph Evans tutorials I was able to manage get as far as I am in the story jajajajajajaja, he’s totorials are very good indeed.

I can do it. Maybe you want to join my writing group.

That will be cool