I'm looking for a proofreader please

I need a proofreader somebody who can just go over and check my spelling I don’t need somebody that wants to change the story or anything I’ve already got 12 episodes out but I’m having issues as I use Grammarly on my computer but I don’t pay for it so it only checks like a certain percentage of it and it’s not good enough like I’m having people message me saying Hey you Miss stuff and I’m having to go back because English is not my first language I do have trouble with it if anybody is willing to just skim over the first 12 chapters and tell me you know hey you missed this and you missed that I’d greatly appreciate it and then if you’re willing to when I’m done with next episode it takes me about to two and a half weeks to write an episode just because I have a busy life to just read over it before I publish it that would be great I’d really appreciate it thank you

I can help you out if you need! :slight_smile:

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Yes please

If you’re still interested message me when you can😊 and welcome to the community