I'm looking for a specific story that I saw on the forum

So, about 2 weeks ago I was reading in the forum and someone commented about a story that keep the reader on edge because the MC can actually die in the story. I don’t remember where I have seen it so obviously I can’t find that comment anymore… I’m extremely interested in reading this story please help me find it :grin:

Did you interact with the post at all (like it, comment on it)?
Because if you did, you can view your account activity and probably find it in there. :thinking:

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I already tried that but within 2 weeks, i have read, commented and liked a lot of other posts and comments, i have been looking for it for at least 2 days that way and I have officially given up :sweat_smile: That’s why I posted this post :wink:

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Do you think it could be Act of Vengeance by Rosenspitze or Seven Friends by Swetlana by any chance? 🤷

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Do you by chance remember the person’s name? You can see their forum activity too

Also, do you remember some of the wording on the post? You could try searching keywords up like “You could die” and sort by latest post. It might take a bit of time but it might also work

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I tried all of that already and no I don’t remember the person’s name, that would have made it too easy for me to find it :rofl:

maybe act of vengence? I don’t know I’ll need to check it out, can the MC actually die in the story depending on your choices?

That’s the post that made me put down AOV. I haven’t actually read all available chapters yet and I haven’t gotten the MC killed through any of my choices yet, so I’m not sure if the MC will permanently die or if you will get sent back to a spot before her death to try again. 🤷

But I know in Seven Friends, your choices matter for all seven characters and your choices can also lead to them being killed permanently.

I also stumbled upon this post and thought you might be interested to check out May and Elise’s stories considering they sound like they also have the mattering choices that can kill characters?

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Thank you so much! I will check out act of vengeance and try it out :grinning:


You’re very welcome! I hope you enjoy it and I also hope you find the story you were looking for if AOV isn’t it. (:

Maybe it’s my story AOV (it’s mentioned before) but since the story isn’t complete yet, maybe it’s not the story you were looking for.

Just to clarify: yes, the MC can actually die in the end but not throughout the story. It’s true that I planned to make choices where you can die in the middle of the story but I chose not to do it. I thought that dying in the middle would make the readers angry and would exit the story immediately. :sweat_smile:

Nor only choices matter but also how many revenge points you have. High revenge points might lead to a better ending (depending on other choices). Low revenge points lead to MC’s death.

If you read AOV, let me know what you think. :blush:


Of course will do, I’m actually working on my first story and I was thinking about doing something like that where choices can have serious consequences including death. I already have my storyline and everything but I was also wondering how I could include those in my story without make the readers go on a rampage :rofl:

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I’m afraid there’s no right or wrong. It depends on your readers. If you want those type of readers who love interactivity in a story where choices really matter, then go for it. If course, there will always be someone who doesn’t like choices but don’t let them discourage you. Write what you love, not what others love!

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Could it be Envy by Cindy Gaultier? Cindy always has very realistic drastic consequences and Envy is a murder mystery about cheerleaders being killed and the MC can die at many points throughout the story if you choose the wrong option.

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Possibly, what happends if the MC dies before the end of the story?

Cindy I believe either lets you continue playing (one more chance only I think something like that) as if you didn’t die, or you have to restart the whole story. It’s been a while since I played it, but here’s the link if anything


Im pretty sure that’s what it was thank you so much :smiley:

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Np​:+1: happy episoding!:blush:

I think you mean Envy by Cindy Gaultier. because it’s possible to die in there and it’s a featured story. People have also mentioned it before, so that could be why.