I'm looking for a story

Hi, everyone.

I need your help to find a story I was reading. I don’t know how it’s not in my favorite section anymore…

I remember it was a Hero&Vilains story contest.
There were 5 or 6 friends who wanted to be hero. But they don’t have any superpowers.
The reader is allow to choose the kind of costume his/her/their MC wants. And the name of the superheros group too.

I remember, because we don’t have superpowers, we have to train in a park.

I think there were math problems, and logic etccc.

I hope I can find this story with your help.

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Did you find it? :thinking::sparkling_heart:

Nope T-T

Does that ring a bell ?

Hmm, it doesn’t ring a bell but perhaps I could find it by typing in "H &V " into the search bar. Was it in Limelight or Ink or Classic?

INK Style.

Maybe the writer was sad because the story didn’t win and took it off ?

I hope It’s not that, this story was bomb !
Action, comedy, fantasy. Point system. Everything.

Perhaps check out H & V: A Bright Alliance 6 out now
It’s in INK plus the description says “6 Elite super-humans and YOU embark on a near impossible mission to help save the world? All in a day’s work right? CC
It’s by an author named Natasha Simone.
I’ve never read this story lol but perhaps it could be the one you are looking for? :thinking:

I’m already reading that one haha.
It’s a good story.

I found it !

@Sydney_H Can you close the topic please ?

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Topic closed by OP request.