I'm looking for a writing partner for my new story. Message me if you're interested

You’ll have equal credit for the story. And I’m looking for at least two people. I know how to code, and make cover art which I made already for this upcoming story. I just think things can be better with more than one brain and ideas.

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I read your message and I’ll love to send me a email

I always write on my own and I also would like to see what stories can become if you work together. I would love to help :relaxed:

id love to help. please pm me

Seems interesting. I’m down for it, if you haven’t decided yet who to pick.

I’d be interested; I am good at writing but don’t always want to come up with ideas for stories or do all the coding. PM me if you haven’t found someone yet:+1:

I am interested. Maybe you can join my writing group