I'm looking for a writing partner for the Adventurous contest!

I’m working on a story for the Adventurous contest and would like a writing partner. I already have a title for the story and an idea for it. I can make characters, write
some dialogue, and come up with ideas. I can do some directing. I need help with directing/coding, some writing, and art scenes/ covers.

I can help with art scenes and covers.
My work. I have more examples if needed.


That’s amazing!

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Would you like me to help with art scenes and covers? I would be glad too, I also can give some coding tips since I’m an advanced coder.

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That’d be great! Could you do some arts scenes and covers? If you don’t want to do both that’s fine. I could definitely use some help with coding. TBH I don’t know what coding is.

Of course I can help you. Do you have an Instagram?

Yes. My Instagram is @marissaanson_episode.


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That would be great!

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