I'm looking for a writing partner :)

I’ve been pretty hesitant on writing a post here, but I think I have to face reality and say I’m never gonna finish writing my story without some help XD. I’m a college student and I work part time, so sadly there isn’t enough time to work on my story.

Anyway I need a partner who’s fairly proficient in directing mostly, if you can draw and do art that’s a plus. I think what I lack on is writing about romance and creating drama (ive been single my entire life).

If you do accept, you are essentially my cowriter and I will accept any and all suggestions/opinions you have about my story.

A little about me: I love adventure and mystery genres. I’m open to romance, I’m just not good at writing them. I love writing about social and sometimes political issues we face in our society. My first story is largely inspired by rpg games, lots of tap based interactions.

Please DM here or on my insta @jordles_art if you’re interested. Thanks! :wink:

I would love to help out! I am not the queen of romance per say xD But I do think I could add the drama and romance that your story may need. Please feel free to let me know if you would like to work with me! I don’t have insta, but I do have an email you can contact me at :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the Episode community! <3 I’m open to any suggestions :smiley: I will DM you the story details.

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