I'm looking for a writing partner

Hi , I’m new to the writing part of the episode app ,and I’m looking for help with a new story
My story is at the begining and it would be nice to have someone to help me
I’m looking for somebody who is good at directing ,and coding ,who can tell me their opinion on my ideeas , and what they think would make the story better
And also I’m looking for somebody who can do big cover and a small cover for the story
Let me know if you would like to help

Welcome to the episode community!!! (If you haven’t been welcomed already). I can’t help you on looking for a partner but @Epy.raven works with Episode Harmony and they do AMAZING covers!


I am very experienced with working with other people on Episode stories. I av been on the Episode platform for around two years. I am very experienced with directing. If you are interested, please reply or shoot me an email gamnition@gmail.com

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hi, thank you .
my story is at it’s begining so i’m just starting to write . , but if you want to reach me easier , my instagram is @adina.episode …dm me there !

hi , as I said before my instagram is @adina.episode dm me there , if you would still like to help , i’m pretty sure i’m gonna need all the help i can get !

and btw my email is :ascdgadina811@gmail.com and you can also reach me there