Im looking for a Writing Squad

Hello everyone, i’m looking for a Writing Squad. Because this book that i’m releasing has lots going on. my book is called The Phoenix Sisters and its a very crazy story. I need 6 writers or 5. Let me tell you about my story. “In the town of silents, everything was peaceful and no problems had ever occur. In 2 days, there would be a meter shower, and it would be the first time that you could see it up close. When the Rocks crash, 6 girls were discovered and rushed to the IWI. As days went on and memories were still trying to refresh, Problems occur. The Worlds Biggest mafia crew, has released a threat. These 6 girls must become good fighters, badass racers, and understand there powers, in order to stop him. (If you love fantasy, Wolves, Action, mystery this book is calling your name.) I plan on releasing it as soon as possible.So that is why i need help as soon as possible. But please do the fallowing to enter.

  1. Tell me what your good at. (coding, backgrounds, writing, etc)
  2. tell me about yourself( how long u been on this app, your style etc)
  3. your schedule( days your free and how long)
  4. Fallow me on Instagram( Kaila_does_art)

i need responds by June 1st so hurry time ticking

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so I dont plan to work with you, because I dont really like to work with people

but I am curious on how much of this story have you written already?.

Well so far im half way done but lots of stuff still needed to be added tho

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Hi! If you’re looking for help I co own a writing group! We have Coders Stylists and Authors the whole 9 and if you’re interested you can find out more here I hope you take it into consideration :slight_smile:

Seventh Heaven Writers Club (ages 14-19)

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That would be really nice please explain more

The group is based on discord and we have various chats for different things including one where all 40 of our authors can share and bounce ideas off of each other. We also have coders and artists.

really wow sounds intresting

  1. I’m brilliant at coding, alright at backgrounds and good at writing.
  2. I’ve been on episode 3 years but was on it before for 2, so 5 years. my preferred style is Ink but I can do limelight too.
  3. I have literally no life what so ever, basically, I’m free all the time from 10am-3am (UK times)
  4. following you now.

:slight_smile: Tell me if you need me, my Instagram is > @samanthaedits.episode


im good at writing i have been using this app for 2 years now but recently learned a lott abt episode. im always free bc of lockdown.

are u good at making back grounds

great do u got ig

yeah whats yours so i can follow you

hey is it ok if i can ask for your help too for my story? ill follow you in a bit